" Ford's hi-hat snaps and fills, and the precision with which he plays complex patterns under reflective melodies, are constantly striking features of this engaging debut."  John Fordham, The Guardian ( reviewing "Next Beginning'' by Samuel Eagles )

  '' With his high levels of skill and extensive knowledge of world rhythms Ford is a natural fit for this group and an excellent replacement for (Asaf) Sirkis......Ford...again demonstrated an impressive blend of power, precision and flexibility.'' The Jazz Mann ( reviewing a concert by the Maciek Pysz Quartet at the Hive, Shrewsbury, February 2017 )

  '' Ford excels on drums throughout - bold, crisp, creative, in total command of a seemingly endless range of techniques.''  Eddie Myer, reviewing ''Counteraction'' by Partikel on

  ''...crackling energy''   Chris Parker, London Jazz News ( reviewing '' Partikel '' by Partikel )   

  ''...both jazz and global rhythms are still the driving force and drummer Eric Ford's imaginative engagement with West African, Algerian and latin grooves continues to have an impact on new directions.'' Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise Magazine ( reviewing ''Counteraction'' by Partikel)


  ''...exquisitely subtle drumming, superbly delicate here and throughout the album.''  Roger Farbey, All About Jazz ( reviewing ''String Theory'' by Partikel )  

 "...ratcheted-up shredders which drummer Eric Ford took to as only a kit percussionist can who has adapted his armoury with mini-cymbals, foot-pedalled cowbells and the like, all the better to whack everything at gathering speeds in the manner of Clive Deamer, but with a little more finesse. These were always interesting..."  Nigel Jarrett, Jazz Journal ( reviewing the Stefanos Tsourelis Trio at Black Mountains Jazz Club, Wales , July 2018 )

 "...the piece was crowned by a drum feature from the excellent Ford, always an attention-grabbing figure in whichever context he performs."  The Jazz Mann ( reviewing the same concert as Nigel Jarrett, above )

 "Ford's drumming is worthy of mention : he's constantly creative, providing a commanding and muscular foundation but also crafting inventive patterns which often favour the cymbals."  Bruce Lindsay, Jazz Journal ( reviewing "Astrometrics" by Matt Chandler )

 "Eric one of a few drummers in my experience that really listens to what everyone is playing and contributes sympathetically." Mark Cherrie ( interviewed on )

  ''Eric has the energy and accuracy like you hear in great American bands  and he also has extensively studied many rhythmic art forms from all over the world so he was the choice for me.''  Samuel Eagles ( interviewed on )


   Interview in Sussex Jazz Magazine April 2015 (page 14)




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