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April 7th - Upstairs at The County Arms, Highams Park (London E4 9PB) with Andy Davies, Soner Ersen, Tom Hewins (5-8pm, incl. jam session).

April 13th - Shrewsbury Jazz Network at The Hive with Partikel (Duncan Eagles, Max Luthert, Natalie Rozario)

April 21st - William Loveless Hall, 85 Wivenhoe High Street, Colchester, Essex with Zoe Schwarz' Blue Commotion feat. Rob Koral and Pete Whittaker. 7:30pm

April 27th - Tea House Theatre, Vauxhall, London with Ben Katz (also jam, from 8:30pm)

May 5th - Upstairs at The County Arms, Highams Park (London E4 9PB) with Jim Mullen, Soner Ersen, Jason Simpson (5-8pm, incl. jam session).

May 12th - Watford Junction Jazz Festival with Imogen Ryall's Charles Mingus/Joni Mitchell songbook feat. Julian Nicholas, Dave Beebee, Nigel Thomas (11:30am-1:30pm)

May 14th - Boisdale of Belgravia with Jeremy Sassoon and Dave Jones

May 16th - Quaglino's, Piccadilly, London with Martin John McCafferty

May 19th - As May 5th but with guest Duncan Eagles.

May 23rd - St. Mary's Church, Perivale (Ealing) with the Adam Dyer Quartet feat. Duncan Eagles and Jakub Cywinski. 2-3pm ; will be live-streamed

May 31st - Salisbury International Arts Festival with Clare Teal's CT7 feat. Freddie Gavita, Chris Maddock, Jason Rebello, Dave Archer and Simon Little

June 14th - Bracknell Jazz, Berks. at South Hill Arts Centre with the Adam Dyer Qrt. feat, Duncan Eagles and Jakub Cywinski

June 20th - 606 Club, Chelsea with Partikel and Natalie Rozario

June 22nd - Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea, Wales with the Clare Teal 5 feat. Jason Rebello, Simon Little and Dave Archer.

June 29th - The Vortex, Dalston, London with Janette Mason's Re:Wired feat. Jakub Cywinski

June 30th - The Cotswolds Distillery, Shipston-on-Stour with Clare Teal's CT5 feat. Jim Watson, Simon Little and Dave Archer

July 28th - Upstairs at The County Arms, Highams Park (London E4 9PB) with Lily Dior, Soner Ersen, Tom Hewins. 5-8pm 

August 11th - As July 28th but with guest Jim Mullen

August 17th - Highams Park Jazz Club with Partikel (Duncan Eagles, Max Luthert)

August 25th - As August 11th but with guest Tim Whitehead

Sept. 6th - Scott's Jazz Club, Belfast with Partikel (Duncan Eagles, Max Luthert)

Sept. 7th - Bennigan's Jazz Club, Derry, Northern Ireland with Partikel

Sept. 8th - Westport Jazz Club, Co. Mayo, Ireland with Partikel

Sept. 22nd - Highams Park Jazz Club, London E4 9PB with guest Patrick Clahar

Oct. 6th - As Sept. 22nd but with guest Julian Nicholas


Oct. 8th - Pilsen

Oct. 9th - Brno

Oct. 10th - Prerov

Oct. 11th - Nove Zamky (Slovakia)

Oct. 12th - Olomouc

Oct. 13th - Jazz Dock, Prague

Oct. 20th - Highams Park Jazz Club, London E4 9PB with guest Jackson Mathod

Nov. 3rd - As Oct. 20th but with guest Cameron Pierre

Nov. 7th - East Side Jazz Club at Birmingham Conservatoire with SAKE - John Stowell, Alex Merritt, Kevin Glasgow

Nov. 17th - Upstairs at The County Arms, Highams Park (London E4 9PB) with Mark Lockheart, Soner Ersen, Tom Hewins

December 1st - Highams Park Jazz Club with guest Adam Glasser

December 15th - As Dec. 1st but with David Jean-Baptiste

December 16th - Brighton Dome with The Choir With No Name 


March 15th - Chateau Hardelot Festival de Jazz Britannique, Pas de Calais, France with Imogen Ryall's Mingus / Joni Mitchell project feat. Julian Nicholas, David Beebee and Nigel Thomas.





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