C o n c e r t s

  • 2020

     I'm expecting these gigs to be cancelled or postponed to 2021,like all the others, but anyway....

​      July 19th - live stream for Matt and Phredd's with the Julian Costello Qrt. (Dave Jones, Patrick Naylor), 1800 GMT

  • July 29th - The Bull's Head, Barnes with Kevin Glasgow and Alex Merritt

  • Aug. 14th - Nisville Festival, Serbia with Galleas (Antonio Marzinotto, Alex Hutton, Miles Danso)

  • Sept. 11th - Eastbourne Hippodrome with Tubular Bells and The Dark Side of The Moon

  • Sept. 14th - Bexley Jazz Club, Kent with the Nicolas Meier Trio feat. Jakub Cywinski

  • Oct. 24th - The Verdict, Brighton with Partikel

  • Nov. 6th - Birmingham Jazz at 1000 Trades with Partikel (Duncan Eagles, Max Luthert)

  • Nov. 17th - London Jazz Festival gig at The Crazy Coqs, Piccadilly with Partikel









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