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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

" ...strong and creative" 

Julian Joseph, Jazz Line-Up, BBC Radio 3


"...exquisitely subtle drumming, superbly delicate here and throughout the album.''

Roger Farbey, All About Jazz


" Ford excels on drums throughout - bold, crisp, creative,in total command of a seemingly endless range of techniques.'' 

Eddie Myer,


"Ford's hi-hat snaps and fills, and the precision with which he plays complex patterns...are constantly striking features of this engaging debut.''

John Fordham, The Guardian


Interview in Sussex Jazz Magazine April 2015 (page 14)

Nov. 26th -
Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea with Clare Teal, Jason Rebello, Simon Little. 7:30pm.
Dec. 4th -
La La La (above the Tower Bridge Kitchen, 224a T.B. Road) with Soner Ersen,Lily Dior and Steve Rose.



 Partikel launched its fifth album on August 9th at the Pizza Express Jazz Club on Dean Street, Soho. "Anniversary Song" was recorded last August at the beautiful Studiowz in Pembrokeshire. It's our first trio album since 2011's "Cohesion" and our first album since 2016's "Counteraction." It's been released in all formats (in July) by Berthold Records, based in Germany. The idea was for an album to celebrate a decade of this line-up of the band, although in July 2022 it was 13 years since we got together!

Autumn is in full swing with a Partikel gig in Bayreuth, Germany and one for the London Jazz Festival, plus (October) dates in Birmingham and Cardiff with esteemed American guitarist John Stowell nestling into Trio AKE, of which I'm honoured to be a part with two of the most unique musicians I know, Kevin Glasgow and Alex Merritt. We recorded as a quartet and hope to plan a more extensive tour next autumn.

There are also November gigs with Clare Teal's 4 featuring Jason Rebello (in Swansea) and Andrea Vicari's band featuring Mornington and Dorian Lockett, on their birthday!

As the winter progresses, I look forward to a couple of weeks in Switzerland with singer Nick Pritchard and to recording Imogen Ryall's Joni/Mingus project and Mark Cherrie's second quartet album, with John Donaldson and Mick Hutton. In April there's more recording and some concerts with Imogen and Julian Nicholas plus Czech legends Emil Viklicky and Petr Dvorsky.

I'm in a book ! David Harvey - father of cool cat bassist Jon Harvey - photographed 90 musicians in London and interviewed some of them, including me. It's called "The Look Of Jazz" and provides an interesting snapshot (sorry) of a part of the London scene around now and the opinions and backgrounds of some of those in it.