PROFESSIONAL DRUMMER / PERCUSSIONIST 


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

" ...strong and creative" 

Julian Joseph, Jazz Line-Up, BBC Radio 3


"...exquisitely subtle drumming, superbly delicate here and throughout the album.''

Roger Farbey, All About Jazz


" Ford excels on drums throughout - bold, crisp, creative,in total command of a seemingly endless range of techniques.'' 

Eddie Myer,


"Ford's hi-hat snaps and fills, and the precision with which he plays complex patterns...are constantly striking features of this engaging debut.''

John Fordham, The Guardian


Interview in Sussex Jazz Magazine April 2015 (page 14)

Nov. 22nd : London Jazz Festival gig at The Theatre at RACC, Richmond, Surrey with the combined Stefanos Tsourelis Trio and Julian Costello Qrt. feat. Maciek Pysz, Dave Jones, Adam Teixeira and Yuri Golubev

Nov. 19th : London Jazz Festival gig at  The Troubadour, Earl's Court with the Mornington Lockett Trio feat. Adam King

Nov. 21st : The Spin, Oxford with the Matt Chandler MC3 feat. Liam Dunachie


Welcome !

November is looking busy busy, including a gig at the Vortex with Stefanos Tsourelis' trio, at The Spin in Oxford with Matt Chandler's trio, Mansfield College in Oxford with a band including Adam Waldmann and Alex Wilson, London Jazz Festival gigs with Mornington Lockett's trio, the combined Stefanos Tsourelis Trio and Julian Costello Quartet and with Kitty Whitelaw, plus gigs in Nottingham, Southampton and Brighton with Mark Cherrie's quartet, and a couple with Nicolas Meier's trio. And much more besides !

In August I was lucky enough to play on a film soundtrack for the first time. Thanks to Antonio Sanchez' work on "Birdman", composer Roly Witherow and director Simon Neal liked the idea of a "drums only" score. Hopefully it'll be out sometime soon.

I was very pleased to make my debut at the Jazz Cafe in Camden on July 12th, playing with jazz-funk sax legend Ronnie Laws ! An honour indeed and a pleasure as always to share the stage with my frequent partners-in-groove Dominic Grant and Mark Cherrie.

It was also good to play the main stage at Ealing Jazz Festival on July 27th with Stefanos Tsourelis' trio. We just finished recording our second cd, so we'll be playing material from that aswell as favourites from the first album, "Native Speaker". 

From June 13th - 15th I had the pleasure to be at Ronnie Scott's, opening for Monty Alexander with the Mark Cherrie Quartet featuring John Donaldson and Mick Hutton.

In June and July there were quartet recordings with pianist David Beebee and saxophonists Julian Nicholas and Julian Costello, and the debut recording of contemporary jazz outfit TrioYoga with Polish trumpeter Dawid Frydryk and bassist Jakub Cywinski. 

On May 3rd it was great to play at Jazz Cafe Posk in Hammersmith with the Dave Jones Nonet featuring Henry Lowther, Gareth Lockrane, Pete Hurt, John Turville and other "big beasts" of British jazz.

At the end of February 2019, Julian Costello's quartet featuring Maciek Pysz, Jakub Cywinski and I recorded a live session and interview on BBC Radio Oxford ahead of a gig at The Spin. Please click here if you'd like to listen to that (from 1:12:50). Another of 8 recordings in February was a short promo video for Canopus Drums at Rubix Studios in Acton, London. View it HERE.


Partikel ( Duncan Eagles, Ant Law, Max Luthert and myself ) supported Tomasz Stanko at Cadogan Hall as part of the 2017 EFG London Jazz Festival on November 10th and made our our Canadian debut in June 2018 at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, followed by our U.S. debut at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival.

I was delighted to make my debut at the Royal Albert Hall on October 12th 2017, playing with one of two big bands fronted by Ross Mitchell for the 65th International Ballroom Dance Championships. This came hot on the heels of Matt Chandler's organ trio featuring Liam Dunachie and myself opening for Norah Jones' trio featuring Brian Blade at Ronnie Scott's on September 25th and 26th. It was a golden couple of months for playing at "prestigious" venues.

In mid-March 2017 it was a pleasure to do a session at Real World Studios engineered and produced by David Hentschel of Genesis / Elton John fame (with blues/funk/rock band the Andy Drudy Disorder). Great studio, great guys and fun music. 

Partikel ( toured China from September 27th to October 25th 2015, culminating in a 90 minute drum clinic at the China Drum Summit in Beijing where we got to hang out with Dave Weckl, Will Calhoun, Thomas Lang and Pete Lockett !! We played at the China Drum Summit in Beijing again from November 4th-6th 2016, this time in the company of Mark Giuliana, David Garibaldi, Steve Smith, Gerald Hayward and Billy Kilson ! We recorded our fourth cd - ''Counteraction'' - with Benet McLean, Ant Law, Matthew Sharp and other guests in early May 2016 ; it's now out on Whirlwind. 

 Our third cd came out on Michael Janisch's "Whirlwind" label on May 11th 2015. Click here for a video from the String Theory session.

The first cd by Matt Chandler's organ trio featuring Ross Stanley and myself - ''Astrometrics'' - is now out on 33 Records.  Also issued in 2017 was the debut cd of the Stefanos Tsourelis Trio featuring Dave Jones on bass guitar. This is another band I love playing with which has a more of a fusiony / world music vibe. The cd is called "Native Speakers." 



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