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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

" ...strong and creative" 

Julian Joseph, Jazz Line-Up, BBC Radio 3


"...exquisitely subtle drumming, superbly delicate here and throughout the album.''

Roger Farbey, All About Jazz


" Ford excels on drums throughout - bold, crisp, creative,in total command of a seemingly endless range of techniques.'' 

Eddie Myer,


"Ford's hi-hat snaps and fills, and the precision with which he plays complex patterns...are constantly striking features of this engaging debut.''

John Fordham, The Guardian


Interview in Sussex Jazz Magazine April 2015 (page 14)

February 22nd :

Arundel Jailhouse, West Sussex with Imogen Ryall's Mitchell/Mingus project feat. Julian Nicholas, David Beebee and Nigel Thomas.

February 20th :

Southampton Jazz Club at The Stage Door with Partikel (Duncan Eagles and Max Luthert), 8pm,f from       £10.



Hello and welcome.

I've released a couple of albums on Bandcamp! (With much assistance from David Beebee and my very patient brother-in-law, Ali.) They're both other people's projects that I played in and both recorded at David's Beeboss Studios. From 2018 comes "What Can I Do" (without a question mark), the only album of pianist Paolo Losi's own compositions. Paolo died suddenly within 6 months of recording aged just 46, so bassist Dave Jones and I wanted to share this music in remembrance of him. There's a written tribute by our mutual friend Paolo Muraro, too. Please check it out HERE.

The other album is by a short-lived trio of trumpet / double bass / drums that I enjoyed very much and which contrasts markedly with the Paolo release. It's with a couple of my Polish friends (Jakub Cywinski and Dawyd Frydryk) recorded in July 2019. You can give that a listen HERE

There's more detail on many other albums I've had the good fortune to play on in the "Albums" section.

As is normal, this time of year is relatively quiet gig-wise but in February I have a couple of nice ones at Posk in Hammersmith and around London and the southeast. Please see the "Concerts" page if you're interested.

Imogen Ryall's re-imagining of Joni Mitchell's "Mingus" album was officially released in late September on the Rubicon Jazz label and made it onto the "best albums of 2023" lists of several critics in the UK and US. We're playing in Arundel on Feb. 22nd, and at Watford Junction Jazz Festival on May 12th.


I'm in a book ! David Harvey - father of cool cat bassist Jon Harvey - photographed 90 musicians in London and interviewed some of them, including me. It's called "The Look Of Jazz" and provides an interesting snapshot (sorry) of a part of the London scene around now and the opinions and backgrounds of some of those in it.  



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